"Miss Shields

The Margins"

"When You're a Wimp"

"It's a Major Award"

"That's What a Mother Does"

"Help Me Ralphie"

Meet the Artist:

​Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen

"A Christmas Story"

"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out"

"I Never Wanted to Touch That Lamp"

"F   U   D   G   E"

"Somewhere Hovering Over Indiana"

"It's Almost Christmas"

"You'll Shoot Your Eye Out"

"I Can't Put My Arms Down"

"Higbees Department Store"

"It's Duck"

"Worst Day of My Life"

Baltimore native and world-renowned artist Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen prepared these truly unique illustrations during a live performance of A Christmas Story.

Jay's paintings and drawings are in public and private collections worldwide.

Major works include: Portrait of President Bill Clinton, hanging in the White House residence; The Los Angeles Philharmonic-The Hollywood Bowl Series; The 118th Preakness Celebration (the only painting at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport); Alvin Alley Dance-Winter in Lisbon; Samson & Delilah, for The Baltimore Opera Company; The Peabody Preparatory-100th Anniversary, and many more.

We are so honored that Jay displayed his talents with our production.  

 "Ralphie to the Rescue"

"Up On Santa's Lap"

"Red Ryder BB Gun"

"Help Me Ralphie"

"What About My Glasses"

"Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun"

"It All Comes Down to 

​Christmas Day"

"Scott 'Scut' Farcus -

the bully"

"Pink Nightmare"

"It's A Sticky Situation"

"Somewhere Hovering Over Indiana"

"Whether it be a famous performer, an image of our favorite mountain view, or the neighbor next door, Jay Wolf Schlossberg-Cohen imparts a dynamism, a force, a magic into the image that moves you to a new level of seeing, of feeling, of experiencing the cycles of our lives."

"Genius on Cleveland Street"