Audition Technique – This advanced level course is designed to explore solo presentations for the serious performer.  This course will offer guidelines for selecting and preparing solo works in music and acting. 

Junior Acting – This class is designed

to extend the creative drama experience

by expanding the imagination, building confidence, and developing sensitivity

to the processes of creating and working together with others.  A combination of

theatre exercises and basic script work

will be used.

Dance – Students develop kinesthetic awareness and concentration while
learning proper dance techniques. Classes are designed to provide quality
dance education to students in a positive, nurturing environment.  Each student is challenged to improve
technique, strength and flexibility in all levels of dance training. We strive to help students gain confidence in themselves and to build teamwork skills
that will be useful throughout life.  Final placement in classes is based on quality of training and technical ability rather than age.  Courses will be offered in many dance genres that provide a strong foundation for the well-rounded performer including ballet, jazz, contemporary and musical theatre in all experience levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Through START courses, taught by outstanding performing arts educators in weekly

theatre classes, we strive to help drive the creative aspirations of each student, while

teaching them the fundamentals of Acting, Dance and Voice.  Our goal is to provide a

positive learning experience in a fun and relaxed atmosphere while nurturing children

both artistically and personally. 

Each week is comprised of a rotation of three 60 minute classes in Acting, Dance & Voice.  Through practice students learn and gain confidence in their performing abilities as they

study the foundations of Musical Theatre in a positive and nurturing environment. Students learn to encourage and support their peers as they work as an ensemble to create a final Gala performance.

Students who display artistic growth, dedication and maturity are offered the opportunity

to perform in future main stage productions presented by Charm City Players.

The START Class curriculum includes a wide array of courses designed to teach the fundamentals of Stage Performance.  Not all courses will be assigned to each session.  Selection of classes offered is decided by the number and age of the students, and the number of classes held in a session.

Musical Theatre Dance 1 & 2 – These courses teach technique and provide
experience for students in the specific challenges and demands of musical theatre productions.  Courses are designed to strengthen movement skills required for today’s stage musicals. 

Broadway Babies – This series of classes is specifically designed for our youngest students participating in our iMAGiNATiON 101 Summer Arts Camp.  Age appropriate fun activities help develop listening skills and physical dexterity through participation in group activities. Students learn the fundamental body movements used in ballet, tap and jazz.  Drama classes feature scene reenactments using their favorite characters from books and movies.  Singing class is designed to establish basic techniques of vocal production, pitch controls, tone, and breathing through various exercises and demonstrations.


Voice for Children– Students learn healthy vocal technique, proper breathing, vocal control, music reading and singing
in parts.  Song selections range from Broadway to contemporary


StudentsTraining in the ARTs




Introduction to Acting – This class covers the basic principles of acting techniques

to give young actors the tools to create believable and vibrant characters. Students learn to use their bodies, voices, minds

and imaginations to encourage creative expression and promote confidence.

Imagination 101 – Students transform and create worlds of imagination through speech, movement and presentation as they learn the art of story telling. Students learn self-esteem & individual awareness as they collaborate on all aspects of creating and performing their own stories.