education outreach through the arts


A trip to the theatre is a powerful learning tool and it provides us with an invaluable opportunity to turn our stage into a classroom.  A regular schedule of special full-length matinee performances give us the chance to reach beyond the stage and make curriculum connections in a non-classroom setting – providing theatrical experiences students will talk about for years to come.  Through lively post-performance discussions with the cast students can discuss their theatre experience and get a behind-the-scenes look at the staging of a production. 

Charm City Players is committed to presenting the very best theatre experience that engages children in meaningful ways, complements school curriculums, cultivates appreciation of the performing arts and promotes an instrument of lifelong learning. 

In the near future we will offer many in-school educational programs designed specifically

to meet any academic and arts curriculum goals.  Recognizing the unique creativity and learning styles of students, we will provide programming that incorporates multiple learning and teaching styles that enhance thinking skills and encourage creative and positive self-expression within an artistic and academic context.

Imagination 101 Repertory Theatre
— Integrating original and classic productions into schools' core curricula for sustained impact on the learning process.  Each 40 minute production includes a study guide to the particular production with related bibliography, projects and activities in theatre, art and study value.

Broadway Babies — An introduction of professional theatre to schools, day care centers

or groups geared for ages 3 to 5.  Providing early-stage classroom opportunities for children to speak and draw about what they have seen.

Little Wonders — An introduction to professional theatre for grades 1- 6.  Providing classroom opportunities for children to write, speak and/or draw about what they have seen.

Our IMAGiNATiON 101 Educational Study Guides will be designed to encourage classroom discussion and enhance the total theatre experience for both students and teachers.   Study guides will be available for download prior to the start of each production to help prepare children for what may be their first exposure to the magic of live theatre.